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TwinStream ONE

TwinStreamTM ONE jet ventilator:

'Single' jet ventilation

TwinStreamTM ONE is the entry-level model in our range of jet ventilators. It is equipped for High-Frequency Jet Ventilation (HFJV) via Jet Catheters or regular bronchoscopes and comes with single-lumen mode only.

Single-lumen mode

Single-lumen mode provides High-Frequency Jet Ventilation (50-200/min) for optimal oxygenation during shared airway procedures, while continuously monitoring the Pause Pressure (PP) in the airway.

Modular platform

TwinStreamTM ONE is a modular device and can be upgraded to include all features required for 'double' jet ventilation at a later stage.

TwinStream ONE

TwinStreamTM ONE configuration:

Single jet (HFJV):

  •   High-frequency jet ventilation
  •   Fully accessible airway
  •   Superior oxygenation
  •   1/2-lumen Jet Catheters
  •   PP monitoring
  •   Gas monitoring in airway
  •   Laser Safe Mode (LSM)
  •   Automatic pressure alarm
Jet catheter

Single-lumen accessories:

Disposable tubing

EasyConnectTM to Luer Lock

Reusable tubing

EasyConnectTM to EasyConnectTM

Jet Catheter

Laser-resistant, with Luer Lock

Jet Catheter

Regular, with Luer Lock

Adapter for reusable tubing

EasyConnectTM to Luer Lock

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